Thank You to the Outgoing WFNN Executive Team

Author: WFNN

July 11, 2021

The incoming Executive Team would like to thank the outgoing Executive for their excellent stewardship and leadership of this worthy organization. Here, we take a moment to reflect upon and celebrate their achievements as an Executive Board.

Christi has served 8 years as the WFNN President where she worked in collaboration with the board to spearhead conferences in Croatia, the United States, Canada and Australia. In 2017, she was recognized in the US as Magnet Nurse of the Year for technology and Innovation in nursing. She developed pediatric and adult neurological assessment teaching videos that were translated into 11 languages, a mobile application for neuroscience nursing and promoted the professional practice of neuroscience nursing worldwide as a guest lecturer. She also developed a collaborative relationship with the neurocritical care society to support worldwide adoption of emergency neurological life support (ENLS) certification

Vicki has been involved with the WFNN for the past 25 years in a variety of positions and is the longest serving executive member. Having started this collaboration in 1997 as Local Chair for the Sydney 2001 Congress, she then stepped into the role of Secretary. As Vice President, she was Scientific Chair for Spain 2005, Toronto 2009, Gifu 2013, Opatija 2017 and Darwin 2021 (now 2025). Vicki was acknowledged in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List with an Order of Australia for her service to “Neuroscience nursing and professional associations”.

Dawn Tymianski NP, PhD served 8 years as secretary treasurer for the World Federation of Neuroscience Nursing. During her board tenure, she was instrumental in modernizing WFNN by laws, authoring neuroscience textbooks, hosting an international conference and improving our website presence. Dawn was a true advocate for neuroscience nursing and cultivated global partnerships with our member nations. She also actively supported the awards process for nursing scholarships to further neuroscience nursing knowledge.