WFNN History

Retirement of a long standing WFNN employee

D Meacham, a long standing WFNN Board member retires from the WFNN after a long industrious career. We will miss his humour, his dedication to neuroscience nursing and his beautiful pictures of the mountains where he resides. Congratulations and thank you for all the hard work! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

Singapore joins the WFNN

The executive board welcomes the Singapore neuroscience nurses association to the WFNN. Welcome!

Italy joins the WFNN

We welcomed the Italian neuroscience nurses to the WFNN. Christi DeLemos joined President Cristina Razzini in Rome for their highly successful national meeting.

2015: Updates and new members

So far, in 2015 we updated our website and welcomed Uganda into the WFNN.

2013: Japan

The conference was held in beautiful city of Gifu during the early spring and hosted by the Japanese Assocation of Neuroscience Nurses (JANN) and local chair Mitsue Ishiyama. Many of us climbed that famous mountain and highly enjoyed the local culture. The congress was attended by 340 nurses from across the world. The executive commitee for the WFNN for the 2013 congress was V. Prendergast (Pres), V. Evans (VP), K. March (Secretary/Treasurer) and JD Meacham, Executive Director.

In 2013; Twitter goes live, a garment factory in Bangladesh claims 1100 people, world politics and violence erupts, and the 3D printer is born.

2009: Canada

Our meeting was held in the culturally-diverse city of Toronto at York University during the early summer and hosted by the local chair of the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (CANN) W. Koopman. The executive committee for the WFNN for the 2009 congress consisted of V. Prendergast (Pres), V. Evans (VP), K. March (Secretary), P. Hagell (Treasurer) and JD Meacham, Executive Director. 2009 was the beginning of EANN and Neuroblend, consisting of a group of dedicated neuroscience experts with a passion for international education. Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first female astronaut in space was the key note speaker.

Also in 2009; the ‘swine flu’ is listed as a global pandemic, Barack Obama is voted in as president, Australia witnesses its worst wild fires and Greenland is voted the least populated country representing .001% of the world’s population.

2005: Spain

The conference was held in the romantic city of Barcelona during the springtime and hosted by the local chair R. Suner. The executive commitee for the WFNN in 2005 was H. Ubachs (Pres), P. Hagell (VP), R. Firth (Secretary) and V. Prendergast (Treasurer). Our executive team also welcomed JD Meacham as the Executive Director.

In 2005, Pope John Paul II passes away and >4 million people attend his funeral. Disneyland celebrates is 50th birthday, the Avian flu shows itself, and the Kyoto Protocol comes into effect.

2001: Australia

The conference was held way down under in spectacular Sydney, home of the famous Opera House and hosted by the Australian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) and local chair, V. Evans. The WFNN Executive committee for the 2001 congress was H. Ubachs (Pres), B. Lester (VP), P. Hagell (Secretary), V. Prendergast (Treasurer).

In 2001, the twin towers collapse and a plane crashes into the Pentagon. An earthquake in India kills >20,000 people, the IRA dismantles it weapons arsenal and the leaning Tower of Pisa is finally re-opended after 11 years of repairs.

1997: The Netherlands

Our meeting was held in beautiful Amsterdam at the heigth of spring and supported by Europeon Association of Neuroscience Nurses (EANN) and the local chair E. Baten. The executive committee of the WFNN for the 1997 congress was M. Reimer, the new President, C. Eberhardie (VP), S. Carroll (Secretary) and V. Prendergast (Treasurer)

1997 was a challenging year. Both Mother Theresa and Princess Diana pass away this year. 150 countries sign The Kyoto Protocol (global warming), Luxemborg is voted the world’s richest country, while the beginning of the global economic crisis is realized.

1993: Mexico

The meeting was held in beautiful Acapulco. Weather was spectacular and attended by many, including the WFNN executive committee, V. Roach (Pres), M. Reimer (VP), M. Fiore (Secretary) and C. Eberhardie (Treasurer).

1993 included the release of the famous movie Jurassic Park. Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk win the Nobel Peace prize. South Africa adopts a majority rule constitution and Rodney King raises racial awareness in the US. The world population sits as 5.5 billion. The Europeon Union is created.


The WFNN continues to build links and community fostering education and support

1969: Our beginning

The WFNN is conceptualized by Agnes Marshall with the goal of developing and connecting neurosciences nurses worldwide in a community of education, association and support.

1969 was a big year. Russia launches a rocket towards Venus, the concord makes its maiden flight, Neil Armstrong lands on the moon and the Woodstock music and art festival is born.