The World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses (WFNN) is an international neuroscience nursing organization dedicated to the promotion and development of neuroscience nursing worldwide. The mission of the WFNN is to encourage and facilitate interaction amongst neuroscience nurses worldwide and to aid, exchange and disseminate nursing knowledge. The WFNN is dedicated to
improving and fostering the highest nursing standards, encourage nursing research and the development of expertise across all levels of neuroscience nursing.

Activities of the WFNN include facilitating world neuroscience nursing scientific meeting every 4 years, development of educational materials for nursing and highlight and support local and international conferences. The WFNN actively seeks opportunities for learning, highlighted through the website and fosters the building of a community of neuroscience nursing international relationships.

If you are a nurse practicing within the neuroscience field but not yet a member of the WFNN, please contact