Call For Abstracts

Significant Dates

March 1 – Abstract Portal Opens

May 16 – Abstract Portal Closes

Submission Guidelines

We look forward to an inevitably inspirational scientific program, sure to be informative to both new and experienced practitioners.

All neuroscience nurses and healthcare professionals are encouraged to contribute to the scientific program. 

We are accepting abstracts based on the following 6 categories: 

1) Best practice / Successes

2) Original research

3) Case studies 

4) Literature reviews 

5) Quality improvement projects

6) Proven techniques 

Theme: Neuro Nursing in a Post-COVID Era

The theme of the conference is “Neuroscience Nursing in a Post-COVID Era” where we can highlight the innovation that has taken place in the past two years that may have been overshadowed by the pandemic. The Coronavirus has also presented new challenges to our neuroscience patients that has been met with novel and groundbreaking findings and discoveries. This conference will highlight the best of neuroscience nursing in the world.

Requirements for Preparing Abstracts for Oral Presentations